Young Biker Wearing Jeans Panics At The Sight Of A Cop And Crashes Right In Front Of Him


Riding your motorcycle through the bends is all fun and games, until you crash – or even worse, if you do it in front of a patrol car.

According to the video description, the 19-year old who wrecked his Yamaha R6 into the guard rail escaped unharmed (with only a few scratches), although his ego might have been seriously shattered – and the motorcycle as well.

There’s nothing like hooning your bike (or car) on a patch of road like Mulholland Drive, but the course isn’t known as forgiving to beginners or individuals who push their machines to the limit. The footage starts by showing the rider minding his own business through the bends, with a Police Explorer on his tail for whatever reason.

Now, we don’t know exactly if he was cited or not, although on his second encounter with the police, the 19-year old violently lowsided, on the tarmac. This might have been caused by panicking at the sight of the patrol vehicle, although it’s highly implausible. The rider most likely lost control of the machine after leaning too much into the bend, losing the front while trying to get it back up. Either way, he’ll need a new pair of jeans.
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